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Helpful video guide to mobile banking

OFF SCREEN SPEAKER: Thanks for watching this instructional video about the new mobile banking system from Peoples Bank. Before we get into the system itself, there are three important things you need to know up-front:

The first is that mobile banking is available for smartphones and text-enabled mobile phones.

The second is that there are three different ways to access mobile banking: text messaging, mobile web browser and a mobile application. Currently only available on the iPhone and Andriod. Get to know the advantages of each and choose the one best suited to your need.

The SMS or Text banking system is best for those times when you just need a quick, simple answer. No internet or data connection is required, but remember that your carrier may be charging you to send and receive text messages.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, we recommend you use the mobile app. It’s speedy and is designed especially for touch screens. It will also support special functionality coming soon that the web browser interface can not support.

The third thing you need to know is that we take your online security very seriously, and try to strike the right balance between keeping access to your bank accounts safe and convenient.

We offer this very secure and robust system at no cost to bank customers.

You must be enrolled in online banking on your computer before you can use mobile banking.

The online help system is very good. Click on the question mark at any time to get context-sensitive instruction. Of course you can call us for help anytime. We have people on standby who are only too glad to help you, even before you get stuck.

To get started, you will need to be logged in to online banking with your desktop or laptop computer (or your tablet). It will be very helpful if your mobile device is handy.

This video is for people who have already set up and used the online banking system. The mobile banking platform is simply using a mobile device to access bank accounts that are already configured for online access.

Once logged in to online banking, click on “User Services” in the menu bar, and find “Mobile Enrollment” link under “Manage Account” on the left side of the screen. A new window will open. Note: You may need to click the “allow pop-ups” dialog box, and we recommend you “always allow pop-ups” for this site.

Once the new window opens, click the “Add Mobile Device” button to set up your phone. You will need to know the phone number and the carrier (such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or others). Once you’ve entered that information, you will need to click the box accepting the terms and conditions before you can continue.

Now you’re ready to begin the process of authorizing the device to access your account. See that you can edit what you entered, and also indicate if you want to enroll the device for Text banking, web browser banking or both. The system will select both by default. By selecting ”mobile banking” you enroll the device for both web browser and the mobile app.

We are going to select both options for this video. The process will be similar if you select only one of the options, so don’t worry that your choices will make it hard to follow along.

Click continue to enroll the device.

The system will then add that device to the bank”s secure database and create a temporary activation code that must be used to verify the device… and complete the process.

At this point you should be seeing that activation code. This is a very important number. Write it down or print the page… you will need to type it in twice if you selected mobile banking. If you selected only text banking, you will need to type it in only once.

The activation code is a unique, temporary number that expires in 24 hours. No one else will get that number, and you can’t save it for later. You must use it within 24 hours, if not immediately—and only to activate the phone number that was used to enroll the device.

You can use this activation code when installing the app on your iPhone or Android phone, too. However, you must have selected ”mobile banking” for that to work.

By the way, you can enroll and activate more than one phone for your account, but you have to do so one at a time.

Here’s where we may get a different screen depending on the options you chose at enrollment. Remember that you can pause, rewind or fast-forward this video to get a closer look at the screen or review the instructions.

If you selected both Text banking and mobile banking, the system will begin the activation of Text banking first, mobile banking second. If you didn’t select text banking, bear with us. This won’t take but a minute to get to the part you care about.

To activate text banking, you’ll need to text the activation code you got online to the number 96865. To make it easier, our system will send you a text message from that number so all you have to do is reply with your activation code.

You will receive a confirmation code that your phone is now able to access online banking via text messaging commands.

The Peoples Bank mobile banking short-code is 96865. We suggest you save that number in your contacts so you can easily locate it later.

Here’s how it works. Send a text banking command or query to that short code and the system will respond with the information. Say you want to check the balance of your online accounts. Send the letter “b” to that short code address “96865”. The system will immediately respond with a text message that lists the balance of all the accounts you have registered for online access. It’s pretty neat! There are other text banking commands such as “h” for history, and “h” “e” for help. I use this all the time and love it. You can get information on just one account by entering a number corresponding to your online account immediately after the text banking command, such as “brdquo; “onerdquo; which will return the balance of the first listed online account. See the text banking commands for more information.

So that’s mobile banking with text messaging. Fast, Free, Safe and convenient. No internet required!

To enroll your mobile device for web browser access or the mobile application, you may do one of two things to complete the activation: use the text message link to browse directly to the mobile site, or simply type “mobile dot the real peoples bank dot comrdquo; in your mobile browser.

If your smartphone doesn’t receive texts, that’s no problem. Simply make a note of the activation code to key in later.

By the way, we’re assuming that you followed the instructions earlier and have a valid activation code.

At this point in the process you can activate the web browser interface or the mobile app, or both.

To activate the mobile browser, select “Sign In” then enter your activation code and phone number used at time of mobile enrollment.

Once you’ve entered the activation code and phone number you will get a confirmation screen. Press OK to continue to the site. At this point the device is activated. You can continue to log in by entering the Access ID (also known as the User ID) and Passcode (or password) that you use to access online banking on your computer or tablet.

The mobile browser site allows you to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and find locations of Peoples Bank ATMs and offices. The system will automatically log you out after several minutes of inactivity, but you can always log out as an extra security precaution.

Mobile internet banking from Peoples Bank. Convenient and safe.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you already know how great a mobile app can be. The Peoples Bank mobile app offers a safe, convenient way to access your online banking accounts. Blackberry and Windows Phones applications will be available later this year.

To get started, select the “Download app” link at mobile dot the real peoples bank dot com in the confirmation text message or simply type into your mobile browser.

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the app store or Google Play. (By the way, you can also search the Apple App Store or Google Play for “The Real Peoples Bank” to find and install the free the app.)

Click the install button to download the app to your device. Click “Open” to complete the mobile app device activation.

You will need to know 4 things in order to use this app to access your banking information, listed here.

Assuming your enrollment activation code has not expired, you will need the activation code, the phone number specified at time of enrollment, and the access id and passcode used to access your online banking account.

When asked about the activation code, select “I have one” and enter the information where prompted. Select “Activate”, and when confirmed, continue to log in to the system.

The first screen lists all the accounts you have configured to be accessible via the online banking system.

The mobile app allows you to see balance, recent and historical transaction details about your account, review and authorize pre-defined payments, transfer funds and (if you have an iPhone) find locations of Peoples Bank ATMs and offices nearest your location.

The ease of use, user interface and location-based office locations make the mobile app a great way to Bank on the go with Peoples Bank.

So there you have it. Configuring mobile banking for use by your mobile devices.

Remember that you can change or add devices at any time by choosing “Mobile Enrollment” from the User Services options of the Online Banking System. If your phone number changes you will need to make this change in the “Mobile Enrollment” section of the User Services menu.

Download helpful documentation by clicking the “Learn more” link in the online banking box.

Peoples Bank. The bank for Real People… on the go.

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