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Treasury Management Services

Cash Management

Online access to your financial information 24/7.

With our extensive cash management services, you have the power to manage your operating account and cash to improve your bottom line. As a Cash Management customer, you can do all this and more:

  • View accounts
  • Send and receive secure electronic messages and files
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Place stop payments
  • Pay bills
  • Originate Wires
  • Execute payroll
  • Pay Federal and State Taxes Online
  • Originate ACH payments and receipts and tax payment remittance

Peoples Bank Cash Management saves time, lowers administrative costs, improves funds management, reduces the risk of fraud and minimizes paper handling. For enrollment details, please contact us.

Cash Management was updated in March, 2013. Click here for a demo of recent cash management enhancements.

ACH Origination

Make and collect payments online automatically.

ACH Payments are the electronic transfer of funds from the customers account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to any recipient's bank account where the bank participates in the ACH Network.

ACH Receipts (Opposite of ACH Payments) are the electronic collection of funds owed to you by initiating an electronic transfer through the Automated Clearing House(ACH) to the customer's account from the debtor's account.

Remote Deposit Capture

Skip the trip to the bank and make your business check deposits 24/7 right from your desk.

Remote Deposit Capture is an innovative way to deposit checks electronically right at your desk, without going to the bank. Passing a check through a small desktop scanner converts it to an image that is transmitted over telephone lines. The scanner automatically reads and displays the check amount. Images of checks are available for up to 90 days.

For more information, contact Treasury Management Services at 828-468-4065, or toll-free 800-948-7195.

Remote Deposit Capture Interactive Demo

Positive Pay

Simple, easy to use system that prevents fraud and offers account reconciliation.

Positive Pay is web-based which means no software to load. You submit a file with paid check information and provide ACH information for the bank to pay against. When exceptions occur you are notified via email so you manage your own exceptions.

Positive Pay Demo

Tax & Payroll Remittance

We know that a business needs to concentrate on productivity, not paperwork.

That’s why we offer payroll and remittance services. These pro-business services, third party vendors, let you add hours to your schedule by eliminating the hassle of administering payroll taxes. Whether your business has just a few employees, or hundreds, we can ease the payroll paperwork burden. Contact us for a no-cost preliminary needs assessment.

Contact Us

Our Treasury Management Services specialists are ready to help

Please contact us directly for:

  • Cash Management or Business Online Banking enrollment
  • Questions about any business online services
  • Free preliminary needs assessment for your business
  • Schedule an in-person consultation
Treasury Management Services
Toll-free 800-948-7195

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