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Trusteer Rapport

OFF SCREEN SPEAKER: Online banking makes your life easier.

The problem is that crooks can find their way into your bank account.

Surprisingly, your firewall and antivirus do not fully protect you from online banking fraud.

That's why online banking requires specific security software.

Meet Rapport. Trusteer's ultimate solution for protecting your online bank account.

When you sign in to your online bank account, Rapport locks down the browser and creates a tunnel for safe communication between you and your bank's website, shielding off any hostile access attempts by malware.

Meanwhile, Rapport conducts numerous tests in the background, constantly protecting you against any threats to your online bank account information and private data.

It also authenticates all websites accessed to prevent phishing.

In addition, you can check your security status, learn from Rapport's recommendations how to further improve security on your computer.

Generate reports on attempts made to break into your online bank account, and enjoy Rapport's complete protection while surfing other financial websites.

Trusteer’s Rapport is lightweight and does not burden your computer or conflict with your existing security software.

It pops up only to warn you about foul play and fully respects your privacy.

It's absolutely free of charge.

So after clicking the download button, follow the simple installation instructions and protect yourself.

Trusteer. New threats. New thinking.

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