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Personal Finance Insights

Preparing a Personal Balance Sheet

Taking control of your financial future is a process. And, as with any process, it is important to monitor your progress.

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Building a Good Credit Record

A solid credit history can be one of your most useful and powerful financial assets. A record of prudent credit use and prompt payments can enable you to not only qualify for credit when you need it, but it may also enable you to get a lower interest rate on your borrowing.

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Financial Tip: Pay More Than the Minimum on Your Credit Card

Cut months or even years off your credit card payments by increasing the amount you pay each month.

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Developing and Using a Wise Borrowing Strategy

Is your borrowing under control? The sensible use of credit is part of a total financial strategy. Using credit can provide benefits but can also have drawbacks. Read on for a few guidelines to help you feel comfortable with your credit use.

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Save $1,000 (or More) This Year

There are several ways to build a savings account. A popular one is the 52-week challenge. The way it works is you save $1 the first week, $2 the second week, $3 the third week, and so on for 52 weeks. We like this because it starts small to get you started.

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Start Simple With These Budgeting Tips

Tracking your monthly spending, then making a plan to stay within that budget can be an overwhelming task for some people.

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How to Teach Your Kids to be Money Smart

Everyone knows that children and teenagers learn best from their parents (or caregiver). Few things are more relevant to success than money “smarts”. Therefore, your teaching of financial literacy is crucial.

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