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Debit and ATM Card

Shop responsibly with our debit and ATM card. You can withdraw cash and make purchases just about anywhere. It's a perfect tool for helping you stay on budget and it features built-in chip technology for an added layer of protection from criminals.

Debit Card Benefits and Features

  • Funds are deducted directly from your checking account
  • Pay for purchases at millions of retailers in-store or online
  • Pay recurring bills
  • Automatic billing updater provides updates to participating merchants who maintain your card information on file to process preauthorized payments so you won’t miss a payment due to an expired or re-issued card
  • Keep track of purchases with online banking and our mobile app
  • Mastercard Consumer Guide to Benefits

Security Features

  • Chip technology provides an extra layer of fraud protection when used at chip-enabled terminals
  • Mastercard® Zero Liability if your card is lost or stolen
  • Block a lost or stolen card using Peoples Bank Card Controls in online banking or our mobile app, or by calling 800-523-4175, anytime 24/7
  • Mastercard Identity Theft monitoring and resolution services (requires online enrollment)
  • Mastercard 3-D Secure technology provides greater security when shopping online without the requirement of a separate code or password to enter

Card Controls

If you’ve ever misplaced your debit card, you know the anxiety that comes with not knowing if your account is secure. With Card Controls, you are able to instantly turn off your Peoples Bank business or personal Mastercard debit card to prevent anyone from using it.

If your debit card is temporarily misplaced, simply login to our mobile banking app or online banking on a computer to instantly turn your card off. When you find it, login again and turn it back on. It’s that easy!

Click here to learn more about Peoples Bank Debit Card Controls.

Mobile Wallets

Peoples Bank supports mobile payments for our business and personal debit cards. See our mobile payments page for information about Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay options.

ATM Options

When you need cash, we have options – most at no charge. Customers can use any Peoples Bank ATM and Presto ATMs located at over 1,200 Publix stores with no surcharge. You can also use your card at most merchants and request cash-back at the point-of-purchase. 

In addition, the following accounts can have non-Peoples Bank ATM fees refunded nationwide:

  • Preferred Checking – 2 nationwide non-Peoples Bank ATM fees refunded every statement cycle
  • Premium Checking – Unlimited nationwide non-Peoples Bank ATM fees refunded when account  requirements are met every qualification cycle
  • Rewards Checking – Unlimited nationwide non-Peoples Bank ATM fees refunded when account  requirements are met every qualification cycle

Many of our Peoples Bank ATM machines also accept check and cash deposits.

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Call for debit card support: 877-802-1212
Report a lost or stolen card: 800-523-4175